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Attic Finishing

A unfinished Attic or Basement is often a opportunity to add a new floor onto your house while completely skipping the addition phase. For this client we brought their attic to life. Electric, HVAC, Flooring, Trim, and all you need for a full livable space was added for them. Our clients third floor was spooky, unsafe, dirty, and a eye sore. In the matter of a few months we completely changed that. Now they can enjoy a third floor office and an efficient storage space.

Ceiling Repair and Window Patch

Our clients plaster ceiling was in bad shape. Cracking in the ceiling was progressively worsening which will lead to an eventual collapse. We demolished all Plaster and installed Drywall as the new ceiling. Additionally Our clients house had an awkward window in their living room, they decided they wanted it gone. We uninstalled the window and reframed the area for proper Drywall installation.

New Closet, Doors & Trim

Our client asked for a utility closet which required framing, drywall, and new doors and trim. Our client requested for no baseboard inside their closet room, as they are planning on pushing furniture flush to the wall.

Mirror Installation and Wall Repair

Our client was preparing to open a retail space and wanted everything to look fresh. We installed three mirrors, repaired all damaged drywall, and painted the entire space. In the after photos you can see the clothes on display for purchase. The store is Bacall & Bogie which is a rare designer women's clothing store, located at 8001 Wisconsin Ave Suite 202 (Up the Stairs). 

Framing and Drywall Install

On this project we properly framed the area for drywall installation. Our finishers who finish through level 5, completed the area. We then matched the paint, installed new baseboard, and painted. 

Floor Tile Install

Our clients carpet had been damaged over time due to pets and foot traffic. We demolished the old carpet and installed floor tile.

Bathroom Addition

All guests appreciate their own bathroom. A spacious guest-bedroom is a perfect location to add a bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation

Taking on an old fashion basement guest bath in Chevy Chase D.C. This project consisted of a refresh on most cosmetics and leveling out the subfloor. In old homes, the floor can be very un-level. Leave it to us, we leveled the floor to make sure the new tile looks even and pretty. 

Basement Face Lift

Removing the old strip lights, carpet and kitchenette in this North Bethesda basement was all we needed to make this place look pretty again. We painted all the wood paneling before carpet and the after results are beautiful. 

Bathroom Renovation

We demolished our client's existing primary bathroom in Chevy Chase. Our client chose the tile for this project and did a fantastic job. The results are beautiful. 

Attic Finishing

Our client wanted a fresh attic for visiting guests. We installed Drywall, New Trim, Baseboard, and new lighting for our client. A small project can produce a fascinating difference and even bring a new floor to your home. 

Flood Repair: Drywall and Tile Install

Due to a flood in the basement the waterproofing company had to demo the bottom of our clients drywall, two feet of floor tile, and all baseboard to properly install water proofing. Our client reached out to us and needed help fixing the demolished work. We properly reframed the area for secure drywall installation and installed tile in all torn areas. We then matched the baseboard and installed in all areas needed.


Old Roofing can cause rot, molding, and leaks inside your house. It's best to tackle these issues before problems arise. Our crew demoed and installed a full replacement roof which included new underlayment and a ridge vent.

Load Bearing Wall Removal & Millwork 

Many houses that aren't new construction are not spacious, there tight, compact, and have lots of turns. Fortunately you can remove just about any wall with proper demolition. Even just one wall can open up space in your house, going from tight to flexible. Here you can see we completely transformed our clients hallway and dining room. Our finishing touches included installing custom millwork in the dining room, sconces, a chandelier, and painting.


Flooring can range from hardwood to tile. We offer every flooring service. This project was tight and a needed a match. We toothed in the new floor, applied floor wood putty, sanded, and matched the stain. 

Storage Room and Bathroom Remodel

Our client's storage room was becoming outdated and an eyesore, so we decided to transform it into another bedroom. We gut and replaced the bathroom as well.

Bathroom Renovation

Knocking down hollow walls and some plumbing relocation can double the space of a small bathroom. We made an uncomfortable outdated bathroom into a bigger beautiful full bath. 

Guest Room Remodel

We removed this existing closet wall that was blocking light from the window and taking too much space in our clients guest bedroom. While at it, we replaced the carpet and painted the existing wall. 

Basement HVAC

We Relocated a giant old HVAC bump out further back to make it flush against the wall. This required all new duct work. This project is located in Chevy Chase Maryland and turned out beautiful once we setup the living room.

Guest Room Remodel

We did an entire gut on our client's bathroom and laundry room in Martins Additions Chevy Chase. We flipped them around, making the laundry room come first and the bathroom last.  We put in a steam generator for our client. The before and afters are jaw dropping.

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